Golfers CBD Pro Review – Andy Oldcorn

In the latest of our Pro Review series we caught up with Andy Oldcorn to ask why he gave our products a try and what effect they’ve had on his game in 2021

Which tours are you playing now and how has your 2021 season been?

I am playing almost exclusively on the Legends Tour now, although I occasionally dip into the PGA regional events in Scotland and also the newly established Tartan Pro Tour which was launched by Paul Lawrie last year.

I am convinced that Golfers CBD product are making such a difference to my performance and well being as I have not been out of the top 10 in any event I have played so far this year (other than a blip at Sunningdale which was frustrating).

What first made you try Golfers CBD?

I was attracted to Golfers CBD in 2020 when I saw an article by Catriona Mathew where she was extolling the benefit it had had on her game and lifestyle.

As you get older there are inevitable aches and pains and a little more fatigue. These can affect your score and I’d heard good reviews from Catriona and other local professionals about the recovery benefits of CBD. Anything you can do to improve the recovery process will give you an advantage the following day, by feeling stronger and more refreshed on the course.

Which product/s do you use and how much do you take?

I usually start my day with two large drops of CBD Oil. If I am competing I also take 5 sprays before I tee off and then usually 2 or 3 sprays during the round as well . It took me a while to see what was the best combination and dosage which was most beneficial for me . I also take one of the capsules just before bed to help with my sleep.

What are the main benefits you have experienced using Golfers CBD?

I would say the main benefit I have undoubtedly noticed is how much calmer I am on the course now, and how I accept any negative periods or shots with much less volatility to my mind and body than I did in the past. I would say that my recovery time from fatigue is a lot better and the capsules are without doubt also helping my sleep.

Would you recommend CBD to amateur players and what is a realistic expectation for improvement to their golf?

I would easily recommend Golfers CBD to any golfer of any level whether they be professional or amateur. If you are prone to anxiety and don’t respond well to difficult moments with your game during the round, then this is the product for you. It will also be of benefit to your general health away from the course in your daily life too.

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