Winning Competitions

Golf is a hard game.

A winning score needs every facet of the game to be functioning well. The swing, the short game, the putter, the mental game, and nobody else getting it round in fewer shots.

That’s why when presented with an opportunity to win, we sometimes get ahead of ourselves. If you’ve played club golf for several years, bet you’ve been in position to win with 4 lor 5 holes to go on plenty of occasions.

But wins are rare and wanting to win can create pressure. When you’re in contention to win, the part of your golf brain that likes space in the trophy cabinet has a habit of letting you know.

Rather than thinking of the next shot, your mind wanders to the outcome of the hole, sometimes even the next hole as well, or what score you need over the last 4 holes to post net 67 and be sniffing for a W. Focus can get lost in a split second.

You know what happens next. You finish bogey, treble bogey, par, double. You post net 73 and sit in the bar realizing your swing thought on 16th tee was “don’t make any worse than bogey”

You promise yourself next time you’re up there you’ll pay not a thought to the outcome and continue the good play that got you in contention in the first place. A shot at a time as Doctor Bob once said.

So where does CBD fit into this?

The effect CBD has on most golfers is they get more enjoyment from their golf. CBD enhances mood so the pleasure of playing golf is the reward.

You are engaged in the process of playing, relaxing between shots to take in your surroundings and focusing sharply on your target and execution when each moment comes.

CBD also reduces stress. So whether you can get a score into the clubhouse doesn’t’ t create the nervous tension that often sees your mind wandering towards an outcome. Stress can take the focus on the moment and cause distraction. Stress effects the mental and physical aspect of playing, keeping the mind and body in a calm state.

Using CBD doesn’t mean you’ll win every time you get in contention, but it gives you a better chance of conversion. With the act of playing golf more enjoyable, you can stay engaged in the process of playing golf, not the process of winning.

Golfer’s CBD products are made with the best CBD extract on the market, certified THC free and in use on both Men and Ladies European Tours.

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