CBD Explained: The Entourage Effect

The rich blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and sterols contained in our broad spectrum extract provide synergistic reactions with CBD known as the entourage effect without the need for THC to be present.

The presence of these other natural occurring compounds and phyto-nutrients found in hemp add to the efficacy of our products which leads to greater and more pronounced benefits than when using products made with only isolate CBD.

The state of mind created by the entourage effect has been an exciting area of research for Golfers CBD as we continue formulating our oils. Before knowing what the entourage effect was we described it as the perfect state to play golf.

We have found that by increasing the level of certain cannabinoids we can remove nerves and anxiety from a player and provide them a perfect level of relaxed focus to play their best game.

“No anxiety or fear! What’s amazing about your product is it goes beyond the course”

Monique Smit, Ladies European Tour.

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