The Club Championship

It feels like Summer is only just underway yet the club championship sign up sheet has appeared this week. This can only mean it’s peak season and that time of year we hope our best golf makes a timely appearance.

I’ve been signing up for this most challenging of weekends for 25 years, nerve ends jangling all day and shots and situations that don’t seem to happen in any other round.

But this is a club championship with CBD in the bag, the first one after two years of Covid interuption in 2020 and 2021. This gives me reason to be optimistic.

A daily CBD routine provides good sleep, mental and physical well being and enjoyable golf.

Being better rested and more productive on less sleep is great for everyday life but playing consistent golf with a calm and accepting approach makes this year’s club championship an exciting proposition.

So how can Golfers CBD help you perform better in your Club Championship or other major event this Summer?



The club championship is an exciting weekend, there’s a buzz around the club and you want to do well.

It’s easy to over prepare by playing and practicing more than usual in the 2 weeks before the event. This can lead to fatigue and being a bit golfed out before Day 1

Golfers CBD slow-release capsules are a great way to get good sleep with increased REM time and expedite recovery to have you feeling fresh and ready every day.

Our tour pros all use the slow-release caps and sleep and recovery (measured on whoop, fitbit or apple) are both significantly enhanced.

Take 2 slow-release capsules before bed and benefit from unbroken sleep and good rest. This will help early in the round with concentration and focus but also reduces fatigue later in the round when you need to maintain your game.

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I know my nerves will be under control this year and I’ll be in a good mood. I’ll enjoy the 2 days of competition and achieve the best score available from the golf I play.

Nobody can guarantee you a good swing but you do have control of your approach to each round.

Golfers CBD oil is absorbed sublingually so acts fast and can be taken 5 minutes before your opening tee shot. It helps you stay positive, focused and give every shot your best, ensuring you achieve the best score you could with the swing you had that day.

It’s quite normal to speed up in big competitions so cbd helps by relaxing you, enabling you to go a bit slower on each shot. Calmly executing your routine – picking the right club, identifying your target and committing to the shot.

Have a plan how your going to play each hole and what clubs your hitting off the tee. As many decsions that can be made in advance leave your mind clearer once you’re out on the course.

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It’s easy to start with a good approach but things happen on the golf course that will frustrate and disappoint you, golf won’t be fair this weekend, as it isnt any other.

Accepting the outcome of any shot and retaining your positivity and focus for the next gets harder as the round progresses.

This is where CBD provides another significant advantage. As others are losing their way you can have a small top up to maintain a good mood, react well to any adverse events and retain your positive approach to the next shot, until you putt out on 18.

Golfers CBD edibles or 1000mg spray are both perfect for an on-course top up.

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With or without Golfers CBD we hope you have a great Club Championships and play your best golf.


It’s still Not a Game of Perfect
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