Golfer’s CBD – What’s in the bottle?

CBD is everywhere

CBD oil is popping up all over the place, from health food shops to supermarkets and even petrol stations. When choosing where to buy cbd oil and which type is right for you, it’s important to understand what’s in the bottle and whether it’s going to deliver the results you want.

Many low-cost versions found in supermarkets and petrol stations are made from isolate cbd. Isolate cbd is a low cost raw ingredient and often sourced from inferior quality hemp grown in Europe. These oils contain only cannabidiol and often at very low concentrations, so you need to consume a large dose to get any noticeable effect.

A typical high street offering is 1000mg oil in a 30ml bottle. That’s around 3% strength with each drop from the pipette delivers 1.5mg cbd. The majority of the content is carrier fluid, normally MCT or hemp seed oil.

Broad spectrum extract

At Golfer’s CBD, we use a broad spectrum raw extract from Colorado grown hemp. Colorado has the most optimal growing conditions on the planet so produces the best plants and highest quality extract.

Broad spectrum extract is approximately twice the cost of isolate and contains many additional benefits to the consumer. Benefits include other beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytonutrients and terpenes.


Carrier fluid is important for absorption and bio-availability (the amount of cbd which reaches your bloodstream) so we use MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) derived from coconut oil. MCT are a type of fatty acid that your body can quickly absorb because it doesn’t have to break it down via digestion.

Quick absorption (due to molecular structure of MCT) means a top up of Golfer’s CBD oil on the course is fast acting. Another benefit is that MCT is flavorless, which allows us to produce great tasting oil as well as it is slow to break down enhancing the shelf life of our products.

CBD concentration

Golfer’s CBD oil comes in 4 strengths of 500mg – 3000mg or 5% – 30% concentration. Our 1000mg oil delivers 5mg cbd per drop so you only need a dose 1/3 the size of a 1000mg product in a 30ml bottle.

The main benefits of cbd for a golfer are:

  • Better preparation from improved sleep
  • Good mood on the course
  • Reacting calmly to stressful situations like poor shots and bad luck
  • Sharper focus and improved concentration
  • Expedited recovery

To achieve maximum efficacy we found an average dose of 40 – 60mg is required for a round of golf, so a strong concentration makes sense.

The range of benefits on and off the course are a result of the many beneficial compounds found in board spectrum extract.

Our 3000mg oil delivers 15mg broad spectrum CBD per drop so only 4 drops required for a dose of 60mg.


If you see heavily discounted CBD, buy one get one free offers or an oil for £9.99 in the petrol garage you are very likely to be buying a weak concentration product made from isolate cbd. For general use where the consumer is looking for a small boost to overall wellness these products offer a benefit.

If you are a golfer looking for genuine results on the course, a stronger concentration made with broad spectrum extract is the product for you and will produce the desired results.

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