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CBD for cancer symptoms & cancer treatment side-effects reduction

At Golfer’s CBD we avoid making any medical claims but we share below some of our own research into the benefits of CBD in relation to cancer treatment.

For those suffering from cancer and undergoing traditional chemotherapy treatment, evidence suggests that CBD reduces the severity of nausea, vomiting and pain symptoms.

Consistent anecdotal evidence (i.e. not recorded by robust clinical trial administration) reveals that CBD helped reduce the nausea and vomiting attendant to standard chemotherapy treatment.

Indeed, smaller-scale human studies have revealed that cannabidiols like CBD and THC are better at treating nausea and vomiting than pharmaceuticals administered for the same symptoms.

In one human study that looked at the effects of CBD and THC in 177 people experiencing pain related to cancer, and who did not obtain pain relief from pharmaceuticals, those treated with a combo of both found significantly more pain relief by comparison to those who received only THC.

Notably, studies have also shown that CBD may even have anticancer properties.

One in vitro laboratory study found that concentrated CBD killed human breast cancer cells.

An in vivo study in mice demonstrated the CBD inhibited the spread of breast cancer cells.

And in other laboratory and animal studies, CBD prevented the spread of breast, prostate, brain, colon and lung cancers.

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