CBD Explained: Isolate and distillate CBD

Isolate or Distillate CBD

The explosion of CBD on to the market with all sorts of brands using different ingredients can be confusing. In a series of blog entries we’ll explain exactly what’s in ours and why it works on the golf course.

CBD comes from the cannabis plant. It can be extracted from the plant using different methods to produce different extracts.

CBD isolate is just cannabidiol, nothing else. It’s the cheapest raw material on the market.

CBD distillate contains all the cannabinoids. Some are illegal and removed through chemical processing, many others are beneficial and contribute to the overall effect which make our CBD oil the perfect supplement for golf.

CBD distillate can be broad spectrum or full spectrum. The difference is that in broad spectrum the illegal cannabinoids have been removed to untraceable levels using a process called chromatography. 

Golfer’s CBD products are all made from high grade broad spectrum distillate. This is to ensure the products are effective but also 100% safe to use. 

A recent extract report can be found on our web site at CBD for Beginners – Golfers CBD

What does this mean for my golf?

Our research into isolate and distillate products have shown distillate to be far more effective for the golfer. Cannabidiol influences our mood, reactions, responses and functions but the other beneficial compounds are essential to the overall effect.

The phytonutrients are known to boost your immune system and fight disease. Flavonoids are high in anti-oxidants which help to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure, while the Terpenes  increase dopamine activity.

The overall effect of broad spectrum CBD is known as the entourage effect or in our world the perfect relaxed state of focus to play your best golf.

We will go into more detail about phytonutrients and flavonoids in upcoming blog posts.

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