Why Tour Pros are turning to Golfers CBD

Over recent weeks we’ve started working with an increasing number of Challenge Tour and European Tour players as our products are gaining popularity. But which products are the pros buying and why?

One of the most popular products are our slow-release capsules. These are taken an hour before bed and give the player additional REM sleep – this is deep sleep when you dream and when your body goes through its natural rebuilding and replenishment process. Our players see an increase of 20 – 50% REM sleep which aids recovery and means they wake up feeling refreshed and focused for the next day.

Jigger Thompson said “samples arrived thank you, I’ve had the best night’s sleep in years”. Aron Zemmer said “I started to use the oil and capsules for a week now. My sleep has already improved, I rest better and overall I need less sleep” and Matt Baldwin told us “I love the products, the capsules in the evening and oil in the morning, I feel great”

The gummies are also very popular on tour. This surprised us with the oils working faster (entering your bloodstream via saliva rather than the digestive system) but however the CBD is consumed players are enjoying the benefits of feeling better on and off the golf course.

What we’re sure of is with more and more tour pros using Golfers CBD our range is improving all the areas a golfer needs; that’s preparation, performance and recovery. As CBD use becomes more widespread on tour we’ll be listening to the feedback from the pros and using it to make further improvements for the benefit of all players.

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