At Golfer’s CBD we are very proud of our products, and we always welcome feedback from people who use our products.

Below is a selection of that feedback.

Steve Surry – Pro Golfer

Since using golfers cbd and tracking my recovery and sleep with whoop
I noticed a vast improvement in quality of sleep and recovery, enabling me
to practice better each day and work harder on improving my game

Matt Holbrook – Golfshake Ambassador & 7 handicapper

I first noticed that some PGA tour players were using CBD products during their rounds
so when I connected with Golfers CBD on twitter I really was keen to give their products a try.

Having now used the Drops, Spray, Gummies and Balm I can safely say that it has become a
mainstay in my golf routine. I had a spell without the products and noticed the difference big time
especially when I played a bad shot (which we all do) or was being held up by others on the course.


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