Atomiser Spray


Atomiser Spray is similar to the CBD oil in how it enters the system. With the same great tasting mint flavour as the oil it’s a very popular product for golfers who prefer the spray on the basis that it’s easy to measure how much you take and simple to consume.

Conveniently bottled in a neat and sleek atomiser spray, it fits nicely into a side pocket of your golf bag. Our 400mg CBD Oil Spray is extracted from the very best USA-grown, certified organic hemp via the cannabis sativa plant (feline fedora, fermion, futura).

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, Hemp Extract (Flavoured oils – (all organic) Orange, Lemon and Peppermint oil)

No pesticides. No herbicides. No additives.

Grown in BIO soil in strictly controlled conditions with no chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or genetically modified products.

Certified THC free.

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