Golfer’s CBD Pro Review – Catriona Matthew

In the first of our Pro Review series, we asked our victorious Solheim Cup captain Catriona Matthew about her season and what benefits Golfers CBD has brought to her game.

Which tours have you played this year and how has your season been?

I have played a few events on Ladies European Tour, finished 11th in Spain in July, I also played the US Senior Women’s Open in Connecticut where I finished 4th.

The highlight of the year was defending the Solheim Cup! It’s always tough playing in America and particularly difficult this time without our fans there in Ohio. The atmosphere in the team was relaxed and confident all week but I still struggle to believe what we achieved!

To finish off the year I am playing events in New York, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Spain so I have a busy couple of months coming up.

What first made you try Golfers CBD?

I tried CBD to keep me calm on the golf course, It has definitely helped as I have a more relaxed attitude now. I felt I sometimes tried too hard over the course of my career, I’m sure this is what happens to many club golfers during a monthly medal, they look forward to it, arrive with expectations and a few bad shots early in the round and it’s all over for them. The CBD oil helps you stay calm and relaxed throughout the round so you achieve the best score you can that day.

Which product/s do you use and how much do you take?

I take the 2000mg CBD oil and I also use the gummy bears on the course.

My husband, Graeme has been using the slow-release sleep capsules as he sometimes doesn’t sleep great and I can tell you the results have been great, he gets to sleep quicker and doesn’t wake up with that drowsy feeling. I have tried them for jet lag on trips back from USA also with great success, they seem to get me adjusted to time zones quicker so they are always in my bag now.

What are the main benefits you have experienced using Golfers CBD?.

I have found the oil and the gummies keep me a bit more relaxed and my focus is sharper on the course. I feel less tired at the end of the round and able to finish strongly the last few holes. Overall I feel fitter and I also had a little niggling pain in my finger and that has disappeared!

Would you recommend CBD to amateur players and what is a realistic expectation for improvement to their golf?

I would definitely recommend giving cbd a try. No matter what your level of golf, as players we are guilty of trying too hard and being affected by results! By staying relaxed and in a good mood you can approach each shot with the same effort and enthusiasm that goes into the first tee shot. Taking one shot at a time and staying relaxed about the outcome is something that will improve your score.

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