How much will CBD cost me?

We know there are benefits to all golfers from CBD. These can be sleeping better the night before a competition, keeping you calm and focused on the golf course through to recovering quicker and feeling stronger the next day.

If you have decided to give cbd a try in 2021 you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost to get these benefits.

We recommend starting with 20mg CBD and working up. Most players find maximum benefit between 40 – 60mg per round.

We’ve calculated the costs below and provided them as a percentage of a pint at the 19th.

10mg Gummies:

20mg CBD Gummies = Approx quarter pint of Moretti (26%)

40mg CBD Gummies = Approx half a pint (52%)

60mg CBD Gummies =  Still well under a pint (78%)   

1000mg Oil:

20mg CBD Oil = A couple of gulps (14%)

40mg CBD Oil = Approx a third of a pint (28%)

60mg CBD Oil = Still under half a pint (42%)


Cost of Golfers CBD and Moretti club house price

1000mg broad spectrum cbd oil @ £34.99 = 5mg per drop @ 17.5p per drop

200mg of cbd gummies @£12.99 = 65p per 10mg gummie

Pint of Moretti at TWGC clubhouse = £5

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