Golfers CBD + Wim Hof Methods

As a Professional Golfer on the Mini Tours I have been stuck in a vicious loop doing the same things over & over yet not seeing any results. My goals have always been the same, but my process never changed. I have now come to find a new method that is allowing me to grow & improve far quicker with less strain & more time with loved ones.

Golfers CBD + Wim Hof Method has been a game changer for my Mental & Physical Health.

In 8 weeks I managed: to strip 6.5kg of body fat & keep my swing speed over 116mph, I feel stronger all over, retain information easier, access memories faster, focus for longer, improve my balance & ultimately get the essential tasks per day done!

It is amazing & the best part, this is just the beginning & golf is opening soon!

How do I manage my Golfers CBD?

The secret is to keep it simple:

 “A Gummie per day, keeps my Demons at bay” 

Simple. Everyone fights their own battles & doing it alone is extremely difficult, but I have been doing it for 4 months now with my Gummies & It feels sensational! It has replaced my morning urge for coffee & I feel like a child again having candy for breakfast! 

The oils vary in strength but it is trial and error, I take 3-4 drops of 2000mg just before starting a very demanding day, or 1 hour before bed so I can fully recover from all the strain I have placed on my body. It has boosted my REM sleep dramatically & I wake up feeling replenished every time. Which means my main goals will be achieved sooner.

My Tips: Take a bottle of water with you to bed, sometimes you can experience a dry mouth, but that is because you have either taken too many drops or you haven’t drunk enough water throughout the day. Making new habits is hard, but if you have children at home, do not leave these products lying around in plain sight, however, I kept mine next to my toothbrush to start out of reach from my sister with down syndrome.

What is Wim Hof Methods:

I was fortunate enough to discover him last summer through Enahgy Golf, but until I learnt all I could about him: read his books, study his methods, watch videos, & interviews, I decided why not? 

His story is inspiring & I encourage you to go & dive deep into his practices. You will be amazed.

I have committed myself to his 3 pillars: Breathing, Commitment & Cold Therapy. These techniques you can find on his website (link at the bottom). 

I have rapidly improved across all areas over the course of a month with his practices alone. However, I have added a little twist. I take a gummy 15 minutes before I start the WH process & it Tees me up perfectly for the day!

The combination of Golfers CBD & Wim Hof Methods are astonishing & I really encourage you all to give it a go at your own pace. Listen to your body & do not force it. Embrace it & let go of all the things you can not control & have some candy before you start! 

Commitment is the most important pillar of the three & the gummies are a vehicle to my mind & body growth. The oils allow me to feel relaxed enough to switch off my racing mind before bed, yet be fully aware of my surroundings & ability to wind down. 

Having implemented these two methods it has made the ‘boring’ tasks fun. It gets me feeling poised, relaxed, focussed, energised & ready to be the best I can possibly be at anything. 

My golf is only a month away & I can not wait to see how I progress in the coming years.

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Andy Oldcorn enjoys a new lease of life with Golfer’s CBD
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