20-pack gummies and 20% oil



Our combination pack of 10mg gummies and 20% CBD oil is ideal for golfers looking to benefit from a CBD routine to aid wellness on and off the golf course. Our medium strength combination is ideal if you suffer with nerves, difficulty closing out rounds or losing concentration. 

Gummies are a great way to consume CBD at home and our fast-acting oils are conveniently designed to be taken before or during play. 

A CBD routine is used by many of our professionals to aid preparation, performance and recovery, as well as contribute to overall health and wellness. 

Our vegan friendly gummies taste great and are easy to consume. We recommend taking 2-4 sweets per day. 

20% is our medium strength oil with each drop delivering 10mg of CBD. Recommended application is to take 2-3 drops under the tongue 15 minutes before play.  Hold the oil under your tongue for 45 seconds to help the CBD enter the system quickly. Repeat the application on the 10th tee.

This combination pack contains 1200mg of CBD and is certified THC free.

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