CBD for Training & Recovery

Improved training performance and recovery is an area we have been researching with our pros through winter.

We know CBD increases REM sleep when vital replenishment processes take place. By optimizing recovery you can train harder and longer in the next session. We also know CBD influences the receptors that improve mood and control stress, we believe this contributes to better performance in the gym.

James Freeman is the PGA Professional of Retford Golf Club and started using our CBD oil & salve combination in December as part of his training.

James kindly provided his feedback so far:


The main thing for me is that I’ve had two quite bad injuries and was out of golf for 3 years with 3 injections, then an op on my back (microdiscectomy) and an ACL replacement. I’m quite unique in the sense that I’m 100% fit and healthy and the CBD has just taken those niggles away, it’s awesome. I’m training hard but without the niggles so can do more!

It’s like I’m brand new…….

Winter Training

I always undergo a strong winter training program with my trainer and my training as most modern professional golfers consisted of heavy squats, deadlifts, lots of Olympic style lifting to 1 rep max stuff so fair to say my body needed a better way to repair and recover.

I started to apply the body salve to affected areas and within a day or two I already saw huge benefits as my usual muscle soreness had gone and DOMS were no more !!

The biggest thing for me was the ability to train day after day for my usual 90minutes per session.

The anti inflammatory properties were further in evidence when I switched to an oil regime as well which I have easily incorporated into my daily routine.

During December Jan Feb and March (up to 7th) I have undertaken 125 workouts with increased intensity and measurable mobility, strength and power gains.

For me Golfers CBD has been an integral part of my training and given me the opportunity to train at an intensity for consecutive days that I’ve never been able to previously.

I’m excited for the season knowing that I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and can keep up with the coaching and playing demands of a modern professional golfer.

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