Golfer’s CBD was founded in 2019 by club golfers in Surrey. Inspired by our own experience of CBD, the effect on our golf game and overall well-being we engaged the UK’s leading manufacturer of CBD products to formulate a range specifically for the needs of golfers.

The result is Golfer’s CBD, cannabidiol based products designed to help with the many challenges we face on the golf course, by focusing on the receptors that affect the golfers emotions, mindset and our reaction to events.

Through our own experience and circulating products amongst friends and fellow members, Golfer’s CBD has helped with a broad range of problems, including first tee nerves, on course anxiety, putting yips and loss of focus or concentration. Common benefits felt by senior players include reduced recovery time, better sleep and feeling fitter and healthier whilst on the course.

There is no magic potion to replace the benefit of regular practice and play but it’s very common that a minor mental or physical issue can hold you back. Our objective is that Golfer’s CBD will help give each player the perfect platform to play their best golf.

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