+1 off a 13-handicap!

We’re always pleased to get feedback from players using our products, none more so than a tweet from @DMouse101 telling us he’d shot +1 off a 13 handicap!

We spoke to the man behind the tag David Pasola to find out more…..

Where do you play golf and what’s your handicap?

I am a member at St Augustine’s Golf Club Ramsgate Kent, with a handicap index of 10.5. My target has always been single figures.

What made you try CBD?

In July 2020 I suffered a major heart attack aged 40. Since returning to golf I struggled with little niggles which affected my concentration at the end of the round, which I put down to tiredness. I can’t take ibuprofen so was looking for something else to help.

How much do you take and when?

I take 4 drops of CBD Oil 15 minutes before tee‘ing off. I then top up when I feel I need it. Anytime I feel my concentration levels drop or stand above a four-footer not sure it’s going in!

What benefits have you noticed?

Firstly, I am a lot calmer. The bad shots don’t affect my concentration as much and I don’t second guess the decisions I make. I don’t mind poor execution of a shot, but I can’t stand making a poor choice.

My fitness is still not great, but the CBD oil seems to help me maintain my focus later in the round. All in all, I seem a lot happier as a golfer since starting to use it.

Tell us about the +1 round!

Ok, it was the club championships with Gold Leaf Trophy net event. Like most club golfers I know I have no chance to win the scratch event. I was playing off 13 for both rounds and going into the second round I felt confident. I am always capable of a good back or front nine but had never merged the two before.

Nett 64 in round 1 had me 1 shot off the Gold Leaf Trophy lead, with 7 others.

I took the oil before the start and promptly bogied the 1st, but then just went on a run of pars. I don’t birdie many holes; I just had a plan to make pars.

I had 2 more drops of oil after sinking a three-footer on the 8th. I birdied 10 and sunk a 20ft par putt on 11.

I duffed my second on 12, this is normally where it all falls apart, but I took 2 more drops and saved par. I made pars on 13 and 14, dropped 1 more shot on 15 and then parred in for my best competition score.

What would you say to players considering trying CBD?

Try it! It works for me and has become an essential bit of kit in my golf bag. I would try the different methods, gummies, capsules, or oils and find out if it works for you. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re always going to get what you’ve always got!

David uses our 3000mg cbd oil available here Golf CBD Oils – Golfers CBD

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