Golfer’s CBD Pro Review – Jacques Blaauw

In the second of our Pro Review series we caught up with Jacques Blaauw currently down in Spain playing Challenge Tour. Jacques is on -9 after 2 rounds lying 4th heading into the weekend.

1. What tours are you playing and how has your 2021 season been?

I’m currently playing on the Sunshine Tour and European Challenge Tour. I’ve played some good golf and got myself into contention but I haven’t been able to close out a win. We are playing the final 3 events in Spain now then I’m heading home to South Africa.

2. What first made you try Golfers CBD?

For me at first it was to try and get my heart rate down in in tournament play. If I can control my heart rate when the pressure is on I know I make better decisions and execute my shots.

I’d tried some CBD from South Africa which didn’t work for me but then I came across Golfer’s CBD products while out on tour. I tried it at the South African Open and my whoop data showed a lowering of my average heart rate from 158 to 134

Average Heart Rate at 134 using Golfer’s CBD

3. Which product/s do you use and how much do you take?

I use the 2000mg oil (5 drops 20min before tee time and 4-5 drops at the turn) and the e-liquid when I play golf.

The capsules (2 x 30min before bed) I use for sleep to get me relaxed and into that deep sleep. I also use the balm on my left arm for tennis elbow.

4. What are the main benefits you have experienced using Golfers CBD?

I perform better on the course by staying very calm. I think more clearly and stay emotionally neutral when I have good and bad holes, this enables me to stay in my process and make good decisions.

My preparation has also improved by getting better sleep, I don’t wake up during the night so I feel completely rested and recharged for the day ahead.

Overall I feel better on and off the golf course. I feel I come away from the course without losing shots to poor decisions and by staying positive I pick up a shot later in the round. At this level 1 shot a day can make a big difference to your week..

5. Would you recommend CBD to amateur players and what is a realistic expectation for improvement to their golf?

I would definitely recommend CBD to amateur golfers. I know what it has done for my game and I feel it will definitely help players of all levels.

It will ease nerves on the first tee nerves or over those three foot putts which your playing partners don’t want to give to you! 

It’s about being in the right condition and frame of mind to be able to produce your best golf more often and that’s what Golfer’s CBD does.

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