CBD Explained: Flavonoids


So we know Golfer’s CBD products are made from broad spectrum distillate. This means we use the highest grade and safest extract but also means you get more than just CBD in our oil. 

One of the other beneficial compounds are flavonoids but what are they?


  • Powerful antioxidants which slow the effects of aging
  • Anti-inflammatory which remedy pain by reducing inflammation 
  • Natural boost to your immune system

Flavonoids are compounds which give plants their color, filter out UV rays, attract pollinators, and prevent plant diseases. There are about 20 flavonoids in the hemp plant.


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Flavonoids are important because they have shown to have beneficial effects such as: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-allergic activity.

How will flavonoids help my golf?

As well as contributing to overall wellness flavonoids help on the golf course by reducing allergies and pain. 

If you suffer with neck pain, joint pain, a bad back or conditions like golfer’s elbow or arthritis a combination of our CBD oil and body salve is an extremely effective treatment.

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