CBD – A Supplement Made for Golf

I began researching CBD in 2017 as a treatment for epilepsy.
It’s one of 2 main products of the hemp plant, that legal one that has wellness benefits rather than psycho-active effects.

CBD has the amazing ability to positively influence our emotions and reactions to events by interacting with the human endocannabinoid system.

What caught my attention when first researching this compound was that it can positively influence our mood, our response to stress and our motor function. Potential benefits for many situations and conditions. This is where I began to research more.

As an avid golfer, I knew these were challenges I faced every weekend morning in the sport. There’s nothing like a round of golf to put you in a bad mood, cause you stress and sometimes swings I made in competition rounds had me wondering if I had any control of my motor function at all.

So I implemented a CBD routine for my golf game, long before CBD was spotted in pro bags out on tour. The changes are subtle but happen quickly. I felt less nerves early in the round, I had a sharper focus of what I wanted to achieve with each shot and a relaxed approach because I knew I was in a mood to accept the outcome.
I began to enjoy the experience of playing golf rather than letting my enjoyment hinge on the quality of my golf that day. I was more aware of the beautiful surroundings and appreciative of the very fact I was there, playing the sport I love.

Because I didn’t let bad swings and poor shots get to me, they were easier to leave behind. The next shot became the important one and my focus was there to execute it to the best of my ability. The CBD routine was allowing me to focus on the present, be more engaged with my golf game and keep my mind where it mattered.
And it’s this approach to golf that’s the key to better scoring. CBD won’t give you a better swing! CBD enables you to get the most from the game you have every time you step on the tee. Play your best golf!

I am 46 years old and play on average twice a week. If I play until I’m 75, that’s approximately (at least) another 2,900 rounds of golf I’ll play before moving to the other side of the grass. The ability to enjoy every one of those rounds is more important than the scores, yet the scores will be better because of the approach. CBD is about enjoying the game of golf, every chance we get.

CBD 101, as described by Doctor Fauci…
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